Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kazam Smartphone New Player on the Market

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The Smartphone market is ruled by Samsung and Apple they dominate the market but that doesn't mean that others can't compete and take a small piece of the pie. Kazam is a European smartphone manufacturer that promises a different approach to mobile devices and services.

Kazam smartphone is set up by two former HTC executives their main objective is to produce phones for the European markets. James Atkins and Michael Coombes left HTC earlier this year to start up Kazam.

Kazam will introduce their set of smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2013. Kazam has offices in London and will have a network of regional sales and marketing offices all over Europe.

Kazam CEO Michael Coombes said that Kazam has been created to provide smartphones that are accessible to everyone.

"We believe your smartphone is a digital reflection of who you are, and since we are all different, it’s important that we don’t adopt a one size fits all approach," he said.

James Atkins the chief marketing officer of Kazam said that a small company like Kazam can always complete with industry heavyweights like Apple and Samsung. He argues that there is "a real opportunity" for a new mobile brand to disrupt the status quo.

"We are passionate about delivering a truly positive mobile experience that doesn’t just stop once you’ve bought the phone. Kazam is about stunning design, robust hardware and intuitive technology, underpinned by outstanding customer service," Atkins added.

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