Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kazam Trooper 2, Kazam Thunder 2, and Kazam Tornado 2 Review

Kazam Trooper 2, Kazam Thunder 2, and Kazam Tornado 2 Review

 Kazam Trooper 2 (low-end range handset)

Kazam Trooper is the low-end line up of Kazam smartphones. The smartphone range is composed of different screen sizes: 4, 4.5, 5 and 6inches models. Their previous size models the 3.5in and 5.5in have already been phased out. The phone models have different specification and prices.

Even though they are low-end smartphones, they come with a decent power and specification all model has a dual-core MTK chipset, 512MB of RAM, and 5-megapixel camera. The design don't look cheap. 

The huge Trooper2 6.0 phablet has a pretty big screen for a smartphone and will only cost US$335 (£200), which is really cheap compared to a Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 but it don't come with a Full HD resolution. It also equipped with a flip cover to keep the phone from nasty scratches and keep it safe since the company has a two year screen replacement for free.

On the other hand the Trooper2 5.0, look similar with the Galaxy Note 3 because of its faux leather stitching. It has a smaller screen size, and cheaper than the Trooper2 6.0. It has the same specification as the Trooper2 6.0 aside from the screen size.

Kazam Trooper 2, Kazam Thunder 2, and Kazam Tornado 2 Review

Kazam Thunder (mid-range handset)

Thunder range of Kazam is their mid-range that includes quad-core CPUs and 4G option. It offers HD resolutions, and 1GB memory.

Thunder2 4.5" has a 4G LTE modem, it is made from soft-touch plastic casing with bevelled edges. While the Thunder2 5.0 looks like Samsung's Galaxy S4 with its removable plastic rear cover.

Thunder2 4.5 Specification:
- 4.5in 480x854 resolution display
- quad-core 1.2GHz processor
- Google's Android 4.3 Jelly Bean mobile operating system
- dual 8MP and 1.3MP cameras
- Bluetooth 4.0
- 4G LTE support
- 1,850mAh battery

Thunder2 5.0 Specification:
- 5 inches HD 720p display
- 1GB of RAM
- quad-core CPU 1.3GHz
- 13-megapixel rear camera; 5-megapixel front-facing webcam
- microSD card slot
- 2,000mAh battery

Thunder2 5.5 Specification:
- Full HD IPS display
- 1.7GHz CPU
- 2GB of RAM
- 16GB of internal storage
- 13-megapixel rear camera

All Kazam smartphones uses the stock version of Android that has no custom skins and a few pre-installed apps. This means that Kazam is able to roll out updates faster than other manufacturers.

Kazam Trooper 2, Kazam Thunder 2, and Kazam Tornado 2 Review

Kazam Tornado 2 (High-end range handset)

Kazam will be offering two top end Tornado 2 smartphone lines that boast octa-core processor and HD displays.

Kazam Tornado 2 5.0 - is a 5 inches, octa-core monster from Kazam that is set to compete with Nexus 5 and the Moto G. Kazam Tornado 2 5.0 has a high specification at a lower price at about US$335 (£200).

Here is Kazam Tornado 2 5.0 specification:

- 720p HD display
- octo-core processor
- 8GB of internal storage
- MicroSD up to 64GB
- 1GB of RAM

High end Tornado 2 5.5 specification:

- full 5.5-inch IPS HD display
- 13-Megapixel rear camera
- 2GB of RAM
- 16GB internal storage
- 8.5mm thick
- Dual-sim
- MicroSD slot

Kazam can compete with the best Android handsets on the market today like Samsung and HTC since it's well-priced and well-equipped. Both phones are capable of meeting your multi-tasking and gaming needs. The Kazam’s Tornado 2 price are well under US$500 (£300). They are set to be released in UK in the next three months.


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